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The window frame forming machine , new and innovative and computer-controlled, is used for routing lock face holes, viewer holes, and lights in doors. It should be noticed that the window is made of fiberglass, steel or wood. It is good at automatically changing tooling on the type of cutting required for the kind of window being machined. Features of Window Frame Forming Machine 1. It is touch-screen controls, automatic door positioning and width adjustment and a routing cycle. Besides, this machine can face boring for locks and cut-outs for door lights.
2. The spindle is driven by a motor which is of 3-phase 11-horsepower variable-speed high-frequency. This machine is a four-position tool holder whose tooling changes are automatically made as required. A precision tool holder chuck is mounted on the motor shaft. You can choose the spindle speed and tooling in an on-board computer. The door that is made from steel, fiberglass or wood is all available for the machining. This tool changing can be fully automatic or may be performed manually. The tool magazine has four chucks which have tooling and the on-board computer to keep track of all tooling characteristics.
3. A great internal conveyor structure enables an easy operation. It is reliably equipped but with simple appearance. The mechanical slide-rail of moveable parts is imported from Japan, ensuring accurate operation and high precision while regulating equipment.

Components of Window Frame Forming Machine
Automatic decoiler or hydraulic decoiler (2T, 3T, 5 T)
1 set
Feeding and guide device
1 set
Leveler machine
1 set
Servo feeding device and puncher (includes punch die)
1 set
Main roll former
1 set
Hydraulic cutter
1 set
PLC electric control system
1 set
Hydraulic system
1 set
Final products rack (manual rack or automatic stacker)
1 set

Main Technique Data of Window Frame Forming Machine
Plate raw material
cold rolled steel plate, galvanized steel plate
Material thickness range
0.5~2.0mm (note: different profile is manufactured according to customers' idea, and different profile has different thickness range, but all thickness range should be within 0.5~2.0mm)
Suitable power
220 V/380 V/440 V, 50 Hz/60 Hz, 3 Phase
Control model
PLC (MITSUBISHI/SIEMENS) control, human and machine interface, touch screen will be used to input and cancel working data
Normal working speed
15~20 m/min (if customer need to have high speed, we can manufacture the high speed line, and the max speed will be reached 30~40m/min).
Machine base plate model
side forming model
Cutter model
stop to cut, moving cut, flying cut
Material of forming shaft
45# steel/40Cr
Material of forming roller
GCr15/ Cr12

Finished products show

Normal window frame forming line - 90~100 days.
Special window frame forming line - within 120 days.
High speed window frame forming line - within 140 days.
Line guarantee time: 1 year (after the installation time in buyers' factory).

Payment item
30% contract price as down payment, the other 70% contract price will be paid before shipping date.
Contract currency: USD, EUR, GBP.
Trade term: FOB, CFR, CIF.

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