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This steel floor plate roll forming machine is primarily used for the integrated production of trailer floor plates. This diamond plate roll former can carry out tri-side forming and cutting, punching, edge-cutting and rolling of decorative patterns. Length and width of the plate is adjustable. Our steel floor plate roll forming machine has advantages of high efficiency, excellent manufacturing quality and labor saving.

Functional Components
Double-cone decoiler
Leveling and feeding machine
Cut-to-length line
Edge-cutting device
Rolling device of decorative patterns
Side forming machine
Side-folding device
Support device

Technical parameter
Rolling thickness (mm): 1 - 1.5 / 1.2 - 1.8
Rolling width (mm): 800 - 1100 / 1100 - 1400
Length range (mm): 1100 - 1700/1100 - 2200
Machine size (L × W) (m): 52 × 4
Power: 55kW, 380V, 3P, 50/60Hz
Working efficiency: 400 - 500pcs/shift
Air resource (MPa): 0.6

Working Procedures
1. Decoiler loading
2. Sheet decoiling
3. Sheet leveling and cutting
4. Hinge hole punching and edge cutting
5. Decorative pattern rolling
4. Forming of both sides
5. Hinge socket forming of both sides
6. Folding the third side
7. Hinge socket forming of third side
8. Auto stacking

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