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This Steel Tile Roll Forming Machine is the integration of mechanical, electric and hydraulic, with high function and full automatic and so on.

Technical Parameters for Roof Tile Forming Machine
NO. Item Parameter Remark
1 Suitable Material Type Color steel
Thickness(mm) 0.4-0.6 Testing on 0.5mm
Yield strength(Mpa) 235-345
Coil width(mm) 1220
2 Forming speed(m/min) About 5 Depend on actual design
3 Forming main motor power(KW) 2*3 Depend on actual design
4 Host machine hydraulic station power(KW) 5.5 Depend on actual design
5 Pre-cutting machine motor(KW) 0.55 Depend on actual design
6 Decoiler motor (KW) 2.2 Depend on actual design
7 Decoiler hydraulic station electric motor(KW) 3 Depend on actual design
8 Total power(KW) 17.25 Depend on actual design
9 Electrical source AC415V,50Hz,3Phase
10 Dimensions(L×W×H,m) 24×3×2 Depend on actual design

Working flow for Steel Tile Roll Forming Machine
Decoiling→guiding device→roll forming→set length shape punching→cutting to see length→outing put final products

Components Parts of the Roof Tile Forming Machine
Name Mode/Name Technical Description Components show
De-coiler system Cantilever, hydraulic expanding, ≤6t Wound roll outer circle was composed by three fan shaped boards, connecting rod assistant supporting, hydraulic expanding.
Pre-shearing equipment
composed of cutter and reducing motor
Feeding guide equipment
Adjust guiding position through manual screw, left and right are individual adjusting.
Roll forming system Machine frame made by section then connected well, section steel integral welding
Rollers adopt 45# steel
Transmission chain set with expanding wheel increasing precision of length set
Speed reducer upper and lower rollers are gear transmission.
Punching die speed-down→stop machine→punch→start Punching die is 45# steel, Hydraulic punching
Post cutting system
Cutting power was supplied by hydraulic station
Protecting cover Integrally mobile type Welded into latticed appearance, installed in outside of system, to increase the machine safety character.
Electrical system PLC control and frequency control Operation type: Input screen and button. Adopt Japan Mitsubishi PLC.
Steel tile roll forming machine (Profile and layout drawing )
Finished products show (Steel tile)

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