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Product   -   Slitting and Cutting to Length Line
  • Plate Slitting Machine

    The plate slitting machine is a kind of slitting equipment, which is mainly used in cutting and producing of cold-rolled steel coil, stainless steel, color coated coil, tinplate.

  • Slitting Line

    The plate slitting line is mainly used in the slitting of metal material, such as cold-rolled steel coil, stainless steel, color coated coil, tinplate. And then cut those into different width of bar stock. At last, the slitting line rolls the bar stock into small rollers to offer the next procedure.

  • Cut to Length Line

    The cut to length line used to make mental coil into the even plate whose width is decided on you through procedure of decoiling, leveling, cut to length, shearing.

  • Cnc Metal Cutting Machine

    Cnc Metal Cutting Machine is to cut the coil steel to set length, stacker the panels together.

Slitting and cutting to length line
combine a slitter and a shear into one line. They not only can do slitting and recoiling but also cut-to-length and stacking of coil material. The lines usually consist of entry coil car, uncoiler, leveler, slitter, scrap winder, tension unit, recoiller, shear and stacker. Slitter and CTL combined lines (slitting and cutting to length line) is suitable for those customers who have many different kinds of sheets to slit or CTL, but not very large quantity.

The machines will be ready within 60 days (excluding 20 days Chinese Spring Festival holiday) from receipt of the deposit as well as approval of sales contract, technical specification and profile drawing. The shipment will be made within 10 days after the seller receives the balance.

1*40GP +1*20GP
30% of the contract price is to be paid by T/T in advance; the balance is to be paid to seller by T/T before the shipment. Installation charge is to be paid before installation by T/T.

Whole machine has ONE YEAR WARRANTY.
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