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Pu Sandwich panel Production Line is an automatic PU sandwich production line, which is consisting of decoiler, film coating, pre-cutting, cutting equipment, roll forming system, preheating, foaming, solidification, band saw cutting, cooling, stacking and packing. The whole line integrates mechanics, chemistry, electrical control and hydraulic press with temperature control.

Technical Parameter of Pu Sandwich panel Production Line

Item Parameter
material type color steel sheet ;galvanized sheet; aluminum sheet
thickness 0.4-0.8
width max 1250
suitable size of panel length(mm) 3000-16000
width(mm) 900-1020
thickness(mm) 30-150(not including height of corrugated)
production speed(m/min) 3-7(adjustable)
valid length of double belt conveyor 21000
work pressure on pouring foam 150-200
total power (kw) about 300
total size(length*width*height) 110000*15000*5000

Pu Sandwich panel Production Line

We are professional manufacturer and supplier of PU sandwich production line in China. With 20 years experience of production, sales and service, we can manufacture different kinds of metal sheet cold roll forming machine for producing the following products, such as carbon steel pipe, stainless steel pipe, light gauge steel, door frame, roofing corrugated sheet, roofing tile, wall panel, ceiling t-bar, steel deck, partition beam, and other various metal sheet building materials. We can also make it according to customer requirements for design, processing, production, and offer OEM services. If you need PU sandwich production line, please contact now.

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