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  • Door Frame Roll Forming Machine

    The leveling device is driven by motor. It is designed with 7 rolls, including 2 feeding rolls and 5 leveling rolls. 14 roller stations are designed for high roll forming efficiency.

This new and innovatitve Computer-Controlled door frame forming machine is designed to rout lock face holes, viewer holes, and lights in doors made of fiberglass, steel or wood. But what sets the remarkable B apart from other models is its ability to automatically change tooling on the type of cutting required for the kind of door being machined. Notable features of this machine include touch-screen controls, automatic door positioning and width adjustment and a routing cycle that does face boring for locks and cut-outs for door ligths.
The spindle is powered by a 3-phase 11-horsepower variable-speed high-frequency motor.
Internal conveyor structure brings out easy operation, moreover it looks quite simple but equips with good reliability. The mechanical slide-rail of moveable parts is imported from Japan, which ensures accurate operation and high precision while regulating equipment.
Rolling device contains solid part and moveable part, adjustable range of moveable part is 140mm, this means width of produced door can be electrically regulated from 410mm to 550mm.
Quantity of Hinges: Faceplate 24-30 pairs(as per clients chosen on shape of door), Backboard 14 pairs
Maximum work speed: 15m/min

Components for Door frame forming machine

Single head decoiler Hydraulic expansion
set 1
Leveler 7 rollers mode
set 1
Loop device Storing the material automatically
set 2
Servo-feeding device Servo-driven
set 1
Punching machine Fast-punching
set 1
Main Roll former Column station structure
set 1
Tracking cutting Hydraulic cutting
set 1
Final product rack Detachable style
set 1
Hydraulic system Specialized hydraulic system
set 2
Electrical system Whole line control
set 1

Main parameter for Door frame forming machine
Raw material
GI plate, cold rolled sheet
0.8-1.6 mm
Yield strength
≤300 Mpa
Power requirement
380 V;50 Hz;3 phase
Air source requirement
0.5 Mpa.
Line speed
about 20 m/min

Profile drawing for Door frame forming machine
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